segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Carta de Blunt a Beresford. Deserções.

Six O'clock Thursday morning
It is with extreme regret I communicate the dangerous extent to which desertion is approaching in this Encampment...from the Regiment of Cascares - five from the Regiment Setubal last night - notwithstanding that I am assured they have had extended to them every indulgence which is consistent with instruction. The town is open to them one evening in the week..and one morning allotted to bathing - besides that Sunday is never intruded upon - But unfortunately there is no encouragement to apprehend deserters, in consequence I have never heard of one of these regiments being apprehended - and at present bounties given for substitutes. I feel it my duty to make this representation to you for the information of the Marshal that some prompt measures may be adopted - 50 men from two Corps in two nights - without the apprehension of an individual is dangerous ...of its facility - The Police may render some aid. I shall continue as formerly to make my representation to the Governor of The Province. I have the honour to be Sir your most obedient humble servant. R. Blunt. Brigadier.

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