sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2008

O Regimento de Infantaria nº 2 em «The Royal Military Chronicle» de 1811

«Second regiment of the line - The second regiment of infantry of the line was raised in the small kingdom of Algarve, and embodied at Lagos. It forms one of the most efficient corps in the army; being not only complete in point of numbers, but composed of a very fine body of men, and in the best state of discipline. The second and fourteenth regiments are brigaded together, and form what Is called the Algarve brigade. General Hamilton appears to have paid very great attention to these two regiments; and they also owe a great deal to lieutenant-colonel Le Mesurier, an officer well known in the British army, and who commands the fourteenth regiment. The Algarve brigade is commanded by brigadier-general Fonseca, a very distinguished Portuguese officer. It is attached to the second division of the British army, and behaved with great gallantry at Albuera.»

In The Royal Military Chronicle: Or, British Officers Monthly Register, Novembro de 1811, Printed by and for J . Davis.

Na data em que foi publicada esta obra faltavam faltavam 3 anos para terminar a Guerra Peninsular, a qual apenas veria seu fim em meados de 1814.

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